“There is something about this game that I can’t quite put into words. It’s an unobtrusive experience that tells a thrilling tale set to beautiful art with quality acting, but there is something else here. Something I haven’t felt in a long time while playing a videogame, and I encourage everyone to buy this game and play it a few times. You won’t regret it.” – SteamGameFans

Out now on iPad/iPadMini (UK link)

Out now on iPad/iPadMini (US link)

Out now at Amazon (boxed, PC)

Out Now Steam

Mac App Store

Our now on OSX (UK link)

Mac App Store

Our now on OSX (US link)


Coming soon on:

GooglePlay, 100% Indie (Samsung app store)


“It is, in short, the most impressive example of interactive storytelling I’ve seen.” – The Guardian / Observer

John Buchan’s incredible espionage thriller is our debut – and the first ever – digital adaptation: a new form of interactive entertainment that merges literature, cinema and gaming. Whether you know The Thirty-Nine Steps inside out, or have never heard of Richard Hannay, this is the classic story as it has never been told before.

“Capturing the intrigue and mystery of the original book, The Thirty-Nine Steps is a visual and aural feast for interactive novel fans.” 148Apps.com

“The 39 Steps is a game that focuses on story rather than gameplay… It is a bold move for developer The Story Mechanics. Luckily for them, it works.” – examiner.com

Here’s what to expect:

The entire story of The Thirty Nine Steps brought to life with incredible HD paintings, real-time visual effects, hand-crafted audio beds and original musical score.

In-game shot from The Thirty Nine Steps

Incredible digitally painted environments, composited in 3D space with real-time visual effects.

“Even if you’ve read The Thirty-Nine Steps or seen it onscreen, you’ve never experienced anything like this.” April’s #1 Mobile App – fiercemobilecontent.com

Original animated episodes used to tell retrospective character stories and tall tales

A Tall Tale from The Thirty Nine Steps

Original animated episodes circa 1914

“Story Mechanics has spectacularly broken down the core elements of the gripping prose and expertly pieced everything back together in a mish-mash of styles that livens up the original work more so than could ever have been imagined.” – Cubed3

A revolutionary system of text placement that enables location-orientated storytelling

The Thirty Nine Steps text and awards system

A system of ‘echoes and apparitions’ drive text placement and progression

“We loved it.  It creates an engaging and very unique way to experience the story.” – ScottishGames.net

There’s also a dozen original story mechanics that underpin the story retelling, with a system of collectables and achievement awards tied into a unique player Profile.

“From the outset, this is a wonderfully atmospheric, immersive app. Richard Hannay’s world is depicted through background illustrations that perfectly complement John Buchan’s text” – The Literary Platform

“And herein resides The 39 Steps majesty: it’s not a videogame for everyone, but it’s a videogame for everyone eager to pursue the notion that the interactive medium can enhance narrative structure.” – electronictheatre.co.uk

“The Thirty-Nine Steps is a brand new reading experience that you will enjoy every step of the way making it worth picking up.” – ApplenApps

Release date: OUT NOW!
Release platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iPads and Android Tablets

DevAwards 2013 Finalists logo

More press quotes:

“Everything The Story Mechanics have achieved in this digital adaptation is solid. The illustrations are lovingly detailed; the acting is without a trace of being phoned in. The story is perfectly distilled.” Square-go

“The Thirty-Nine Steps translates brilliantly to the interactive multimedia format—adding color and sound and a stylized, rudimentary animation that succeeds in enabling your imagination rather than spoiling it.” – The Archive

“I very much enjoyed The 39 Steps and and would love to keep “playing” these games!” – internetfreaks.org

“The title does an excellent job of providing an engaging presentation that lets newcomers and people who have read this novel before experience the storyline in a way that genuinely feels different.” – Cosmos Gaming

“Publishing houses could learn a thing or two from The 39 Steps, and see how a simple story can become a real world.” – Little Rockets

“Hopefully we’ll see more works of English literature done in the style of The 39 Steps.” – Gamezebo

  1. Sandy Louchart said:

    This is getting really exciting! I am looking forward to see it in the flesh and see what you have done. 1 Month to go ;o)

  2. Pingback: Laura Weatherhead

  3. Looking forward to interacting with this. Tremendous work by the sounds of things.

  4. Mr. Gray said:

    Is a trailer available?

    • There are a few user-generated reviews on youtube, but we hope to be getting our official trailer up today (or Monday latest). Do let us know what you think

  5. Big39Fan said:

    Will the Thirty Nine Steps be available for Kindle Fire on the Amazon App (UK) store, please?

    • Hi, we do have 39 Steps working on the Kindle Fire. It may be a few weeks yet before we see it in the Kindle store (for reasons out of our control). You will be able to purchase and run it via the Google Play store however (out next week hopefully). Thanks for your interest!

  6. David King said:

    My download to the iPad has no audio. The text reader function misbehaves. Are these known bugs? I also downloaded to Windows where sound and functionality is fine. Kind regards,

    • Hi David, thanks for the comment. We haven’t encountered of the no-audio issue before, and it hasn’t appeared as a bug on our user testing scenarios. However, it has now been reported it as a bug, and we hope to have a robustness fix implemented soon.
      The text reader works with a simple light tap. If you hold the button down it may cause the text to disappear quickly. We will be adding a fix to prevent this anomaly happening in the iOS update.
      Thank you also for downloading on PC – we hope you’re enjoying experience.

  7. David King said:

    OK, I’ll take the standard approach, delete the app and reload, and we’ll see what happens. Not much more to say about no sound. I did tap the Text button as you described, and the text appeared momentarily. Thanks for your reply and kind regards,

    • Hi David,

      do let us know if the reinstall sorts out the sound issue. We hope to have an update this week that will resolve the Show Text issue you’re describing. Thanks for letting us know – and apologies again for the inconvience

  8. David King said:

    Deleted and reloaded twice – still no sound. I am running iOS 6.1.3. Sound is otherwise working normally. I am watching 39 Steps on Hulu right now. I suppose I’ll just wait for the updated version for the iPad.

    Also, on PC version (Win 7) I am near the end but stuck just after the tennis court. Trafalgar Lodge with its three choices. First the ability to choose among the three was broken. Then having taken in the information, there was no “DONE” and I haven’t found a way to move forward. ??

    • Hi David,

      firstly thanks for keeping us abreast of your 39 Steps experience. We will look into the section break you are describing in event 18. If for whatever reason you need to skip a scene on the PC or Mac version, you can hit the return key – that will move you naturally onto the next scene. If this doesn’t work, please let us know.

      Can I double check. You are getting no sound at all from iPad version? Ie. is it entirely mute – even the button elements, intro sequence, or menu theme tune?

      Despite the technical issues, we do hope you are enjoying the experience. Also, if you sign up to our blog (so we have you email) we will make sure that you get a download of the full soundtrack.

      Thanks again for relaying these issues to us.

  9. David King said:

    Windows: I will try using the return key to hop ahead. I might be able to grab a screen shot of the bizarre black & white elipses I ran into as a part of episode 18. What I encountered is definitely software gone astray. Since this is a Windows environment, I am always suspicious that the operating environment is flaky. Win7 brought new problems to its users.

    At a totally different level of severity, I suggest that you keep the cursor visible and brighter – I have a hard time finding it. (I am using a 2-monitor system and I often move the cursor to the idle monitor to see that I still have a cursor.) You might consider adding color feedback to users – e.g., a yellow solid in the circle when the cursor is successfully on a control.

    iPad: Thanks for double checking. There is no sound whatsoever associated with the 39 Steps application. I’ve checked audio levels using the iPad +/- control buttons and the sound is “on.” I have popped up and tested a Music file to make sure sound is on, and it is. What I haven’t done is leave the music playing and return to 39 Steps. I’ll try that.

    I have enjoyed the promise of the experience you’re offering. I think that the overall strategy of translating setting into images and sound, animating movement with maps and floor plans, vocalizing dialog in dialect, and holding on to the protagonist’s conversation with the reader as text is a rich idea.

    I have been thinking a lot about the role of media in improving professional books for the past year. It’s a different world than fiction in some ways, and no different whatsoever in other ways. The two key questions for next-generation ebooks are (1) when can new media and simulation enhance the reader experience and (2) is a well-written book the right basis for an extended e-book?

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi David,

    we have been exploring the no-sound issue – and it appears many app ‘force-override’ the mute function (ours doesn’t… yet). It seems weird, but might explain why you aren’t hearing anything – so even though the sound might appear to be on, it may well be turned off.

    Have a look at this link, and let us know if it helps: http://momswithapps.com/2012/06/10/using-the-ipads-side-switch-settings-to-bring-back-the-sound-in-your-app/

    Update fixing all other concerns heading to Apple now.

  11. David King said:

    That’s it! The mute button was set incorrectly. Since everything else was working, I didn’t consider it.

    I’ve had my iPad for just a few months and I am beginning to believe that iOS is “quirky.”

    Thanks for your help and patience. Kind regards,

    • Brilliant David, glad that fixed it! As mentioned, the other fixes going up this week. Not sure if you wrote a comment/review based on the audio issue – but it would be much appreciated if you could edit it to reflect our fix here (people are very driven by what they read). Thanks for working this through with us :)

  12. David King said:

    Take-home message for “No sound on iPad” is that the mute function is overridden by many applications (e.g., Music and Hulu+ for me), but not for the 39 Steps application. If no sound, verify that the mute function is assigned to the side switch (see Settings, “Use Side Switch to:”) and that the switch is set to “off” (away from the sound level buttons). This was not a problem with the Story Mechanics software. Rather, I attribute it to the quirky way that the iPad iOS handles sound. Kind regards, David King

  13. Peter said:

    Please, i wish a humblestore release. I lve DRM-Free Versions :-)

  14. I’ve been enjoying “The 39 Steps” on PC (purchased through Steam). I’m about half-way through. The ambient sound, music, beautiful artwork, and text combine well to set the mood and create an immersive experience not unlike the feeling one gets when reading a novel. Thanks!

    One question: any plans to release “The 39 Steps” for Microsoft Surface? I know that venue is a new one with a small user base, but it’d be nice to see it supported. That’d probably get my wife interested in trying it. :)

    • Thanks for the feedback Bryan – we’re glad you’re enjoying the experience so far! We are looking into a Windows8 app version of the product for Microsoft Surface, and we agree it would work well on that platform and for the audience it has. Will let you know if/when this happens!

      • Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you on that score.

  15. Hi. Love the idea of this. Are there any plans to put this on the PS3? Being more of a cinematic experience it would seem a logical venue (I’m not a console fanboy or anything, but occasionally certain games do lend themselves to the “living room experience”).

  16. Martin Rupprecht said:

    It would be great if you could add the savegame sync in Steam :) So I can enjoy it on all my devices and don’t have to carry around the savegame :)

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