A Better Adventure Game?

Where is the adventure game today? What are the genre’s strengths and weaknesses? What’s next for the format, and where do we go from there?

The Story Mechanics is passionate about the adventure game genre – past, present and future – and has put the wheels in motion for a ground-up redesign that will result in a better adventure game. A pretty lofty ambition, we know, but we feel up for the challenge!

Concept Art fro Adventures in Nonsense

Concept Art for The Story Mechanics' Adventures in Nonsense adventure game project (all rights reserved)

The initial idea is to host a lab exploring the best and worst about the genre, exposing its strengths and weaknesses, and from there the opportunities that exist to improve the experience. The results of this lab will then be shared for interest’s sake and, hopefully, generate further feedback.

So the question is, do you want to be involved? Are you passionate about the adventure game genre? We are holding our first lab on the 27 March 2012 and invite anyone who can make it to Glasgow to come along (let us know first labs@thestorymechanics.com).

If you aren’t in the neighbourhood, but still want to be involved, drop us an email (labs@thestorymechanics.com) and we’ll do our best to gather your thoughts and input them into the day’s discussions.

We intend this lab to be the first in quarterly gatherings that should result in genuine insight and innovation around gaming, storytelling and interactive entertainment.

Author: Simon Meek

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